2001 'cross Worlds; Tabor CZ

Petr Dlask, Erwin Vervecken, Mario deClercq

A muddied, now newly crowned World Champion, Erwin Vervecken leading near the end of the race
Marc Gullickson with the finest U.S. elite showing ever, even with a handicapped starting position.
Nice race for Dale Knapp despite a tough starting position, getting caught behind an early crash, a flat, a tossed chain...
Mario de Clercq with a late race pull.
Bart Wellens squeezing to the side of lapped riders.
Richard Groenendaal, now the former World Champion, but tops in the World Cup.
Hanka Kupfernagel with another gold for the stash.
Ann Grande for fourth...another lap/ a race beyond 30 minutes probably gives her the podium.
Rachel Lloyd, at one point, 2nd in the race (announcer: "czblah czblah czblah Rachel Lloyd czblah czblah...")
The junior podium was a Czech-list, Martin Bina takes the rainbow jersey.
Jeremy Powers, leading U.S. junior.
Sven van Thourenhout, Espoir Champion (hey, he's a lefty!)
Alan Obye, barely out of junior ranks, a New Englander, and our U.S. Espoir rep.
Josh Anthony, barely out of junior ranks, a New Englander, and our U.S. Espoir rep.
The first lap of the men's race.
The Vervecken 'fan' effigy overlooking Erwin on the first lap. That effigy.
That same first lap.
Hey, the devil has credentials!
Marc Gullickson on the go. Marc again and again.
Dale Knapp on the climb.
Erwin Vervecken early in the race.
Sven Nijs.
Men's podium.
Home country favorite, Petr Dlask.
Mario de Clercq.
Hanka Kupfernagel.
Ann Grande.
Rachel Lloyd.
Women's podium; a Kupfernagel sandwich with Dutch bread.
Sven van Thourenhout on the podium.
100% Czech, Junior Podium.
American junior, Aaron Bradford.
American junior, Aaron Menenberg.
American junior, Jeremy Powers.
Junior Martin Bina tasting victory...
... on the final stretches.
Bart Wellens, and his junior brother Geert Wellens.
Radomir Simunek (again), and his son Radomir (2nd for the juniors).
Tom vann Oppen.
Ann Grande, again.
Second woman, Corine Dorland.
Second espoir, Tomas Trunschka.
The devil in...no no no...and Mark Abramson.
Sven van Thourenhout mobbed by the press.
Third woman, Daphny van den Brand.
Fifth man, Jiri Pospisil.
Alan Obye's right eye.
Alan Obye with a Swiss tag.
Third espoir, David Kasak.
Fourth Espoir, Wim Jacobs.
Sven Nijs, Camiel van den Bergh, Daniele Pontoni.
Erwin Vervecken, Wim de Vos.