2001 Reach the Beach Relay, 200 miles (NH)

The fastest team, Running Times
Same view as the right image, but horizontal
First leg... going up before heading down
Quad burner in the D of the Mt. Washington Hotel
A floating free radical
Movin' Shoes EO-E
Essential support, thanks
A transition
The start of a new leg
Sometime before the evening
No stopping 'Inn'; got a job to do
Night patriotism
Slipping by the Candia Fire Dept.
The morning smile(?)
Day patriotism
About eleven miles to go
Rye transition for Running Times
By the Atlantic
Running Times transitioning to the last leg
Fat Bastards (so they say) celebrating the finish
First leg
About 40(?) miles in
Another few miles down the road
Early transition
Evening coming and going
Season for (green) apples
A thumb's up
The clock stops for Running Times (~20.5 hrs)
Some 'Running Times individuals:

Downhill from the mountains, Sept. 29, 2001