Mt. Snow (VT); 17,18,19 August 2001

Chrissy Redden, XC#1
Chrissy Redden, ST#1
Roland Green, XC#1
Roland Green, ST#1
Anne Caroline Chausson, DH#1 (not this run...back tire)
Anne Caroline Chausson, DS#1
Mary Grigson... year's best (XC)
Eric Carter, the winner of the DS
Cedric Gracia, winner of the DH
Pavel Cherkasov has announced his retirement
Alison Dunlap
Also retiring as reigning U.S. National XC Champ, Ruthie Matthes
Ruthie on the XC course
Ruthie Matthes on the ST course
Retiring as reigning U.S. National DS Champ Leigh Donovan
Leigh Donovan on the DH
Leigh Donovan again on the DH
David 'Tinker' Juarez podium bound
Alison Sydor
Carmen d'Alusio
Seamus McGrath
Roland Green
Kirk Molday, our U.S. National XC Champ
Audrey Augustin
Jimena Florit
Susan Haywood, our U.S. National ST Champ
Ryder Hesjedal
Cadel Evans
Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski, our U.S. National ST Champ
Family entertainment (sorry for the censorship)
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