Shaun Thornton Memorial Jiminy Peak Road Race, 05 May 2001

Western Edge of Massachusetts

Lap 2
A New England church.
A hot Matt Svatek with the final drive to the win.
Lead group with one(+) lap to go; Ian Stuart (2nd from right takes 2nd).
Susan Palmer-Komar, always strong on the hills, takes the Women's race.
Reigning pro crit champion, Laura van Gilder, takes second.
So this is where you're at Tom Vinson...
3rd, Jonathan Hamblen.
4th, Todd Herriott.
5th, Ben Silberfarb.
Anybody, please correct me if I wrongly identify anyone... thanks.
Petra Ford, 4th woman.
Catherine Bearce
Josh Gerwitz, I presume... first, Junior race.
Johs, it's the arm, cover the arm...
Chocolate GU for the Berkshires.
Jonathan Page
Josh Anthony
Randy Rusk, left all 35+s behind.
Joe Rand... I mean Joe Rano.
Katrina Davis
A few of the many (un?)lucky victims of mine: