U Mass 'cross, 28Oct2000

The look of a champion, Marc Gullickson
Tim Johnson on the fly
Mark McCormack, NE Series leader
A 'Mark'ed Marc Gullickson
Marc, again
Mark, again
An elaborate (glass) pane is reaped by great pain
Podium, men
Former multi-nat champ Jan Wiejak ('i' before 'e' except ...)
One of our top roadies, John Lieswyn...welcome to Worcester County ('i' before 'e' except ...)
Jens Reuker
Johs Huseby
Carmen Richardson on the VERGE of another victory
Carmen Richardson (racing with a cracked/broken rib)
Jodi Groesbeck, getting stronger (2nd on the day)
Emily Thorne with another podium showing
Shauna Giles-Smith with the leaders throughout the race
Alan Obye, the clear winner in the Jr's race
Master Scott Wade's for no one, another win
Unrooted, Scott Plant takes the Bs
Scott, a bit earlier
Bee-ware the swarm of killer Bs
Out in the lead and a strong showing for Dan Wolfson

Tim Johnson racks up another.