Super Cup #4, Kansas City; 17DEC2000

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First lap, Marc and Tim leading...
Marc with the pre-race interview
Marc Gullickson
Marc, again
The concentration of Tim Johnson
Tim, your mother came all the way to cool KC, listen to her
Tim Johnson
The flawless Alison Dunlap
Ann Grande taking the series with a strong second
Ann amidst the tundra
Rachel Lloyd with a strong 3rd... progress with each race!
Bart Bowen in Saturn yellow for the last time... kick some butt next year (and good luck)
Trent Klasna warming up to KC, after CA training
Carmen Richardson securing second for the Super Cup Series
Jesse Anthony in S&S
Paul Curley in S&S
Jodi Groesbeck in S&S
Good race for Katie Compton
Men's podium