Pittsfield Cross

Hurdling in the Berkshires

Mark McCormack, NE series leader and race winner
Carmen Richardson, NE series leader and race winner
Tim Johnson with his Saturn colors
Tim Johnson maintained his lead with Mark M throughout the race
Hey Paul (Boudreau), after blowing the field away in the 'B' race, how about the 'A's?
Emily Thorne with a strong grind to climb back to 2nd after the mechanical
Scott Wade, with a strong teeth grind, for first masters
No tooth clamp for Oliver Stiler-Cote, Hot Tubin' it to the junior win
Note: Oliver and Tim Johnson have that constant tongue-on-the-outside look.
Alan Obye, up in the junior lead, until the spill
Stars-and-Stripes, Alicia Genest
Stars-and-Stripes, Jodi Groesbeck --thanks--
Stars-and-Stripes, Jesse Anthony
Josh Anthony, a junior in the senior ranks
Kirsten, welcome back
Tim Johnson
'B' race
Where's the trail?