Mt. Washington Hill Climb; August 19, 2000

Tim Johnson
Tim at the small tree line
Tim above those little trees
Tim nearing the clouds
Nice view with Tim on the blink, me on the shake (keep this image small)
Nearing the line, Tim Johnson
How come those Mercury guys always win?
Tete-a-tete, Johnson and Weiss at the front
The warm-up for the trip up
Perfect pistons
Jeannie Longo
Intensity, Jeannie Longo
Jeannie Longo, again
Jeannie with her almost millionth win, and five grand to top it off
Scott Weiss, now what gear are you using?
Genevieve Jeanson at the start
Good uphills encourage clear lungs
Genevieve, incredible, and the best is yet to come
Genevieve Jeanson improving on her last year's record time
Curt Davis and Sean Nealy on their 22% grade sprint
Former record holder, Marilyn Ruseckas
Kris Auer; first time, good time
Katrina Davis, completes the top pair
Benoit Fradette
Chris Peck
Matt Wilson
First tandem, I think
Second tandem, I presume
Michael Wickman
Michael, shoes off, with energy for words of encouragement
Tyler's father, Bill Hamilton on the final meters (yards)-- who needs Mt. Ventoux?
The final stretch... and welcoming 'committee'