Killington Stage Race; Sept. 2000

Merry Chris Wherry with the Brandon Gap Stage win
The ever wondrous Jeannie Longo on Brandon Gap
I'll take the angel in devil's shoes, any time!
A beautiful farm in the fog...hey...what's that looming...?
The hill on the crit
Frank M leading the Saturn train, crit
Past hill, cow, and dale
The long tin roof
The pizza wedge building corner of the crit
The straights of the crit
A corn(y?) shot
The whittled down peloton, Saab RR
Jeannie Longo in the leader's jersey
Glen Mitchell on the final sprint; another 3 seconds and the entire race could have been his
Lyne Bessette with the impressive power move in the crit
Sara Symington, winner of the crit
Chris Baldwin, winner of the crit
Harm Jansen with the Saab RR win
Whoa, that hurt
Andy Bishop's last RR; we wish you well and thanks for your presence.
Jrs.- Oliver Stiler-Cote, 1st American, 16 yrs and watch out...
Jrs. - Canadian Crush, Martin Gilbert winning the crit
Jrs. - Canadian Crush, Francois Parisien, Brandon Gap and overall winner
40+ - Randy Rusk Crush, Saab RR (almost totally solo) and overall winner
30+ - John Funk, master of everything...
30+ - Peter Vollers, nice guy and lawyer (huh?), winner-crit

Riders in the mist.