There is extreme beauty in emptiness.

On the Pennine Way, England, 1984

Oct. 2001---I've recently stumbled upon a few slides of mine from my rambles in the mid-eighties, and before they get lost and fade away, I figure I'll show a few. Though I have many more, I'll hopefully add on as I find that niche of time to do so.
In 1984, I left my engineering job to ramble about Europe. The first three months found me walking south in England to north in Scotland, of which I covered a few hundred miles, and the remaining months of my eight-plus months found me knocking around by thumb, train, and ferry, more of the British Isles, along with Switzerland, Greece, Norway, and a hair of Italy and France.

In early1985,after a short stint back in the U.S. at the 'old' job, I ventured back to Europe with the bike. Fueled by chocolate and cookies, and riding my brother-built wheels, I covered much ground in the following fifteen-plus months with a six month stint in Grindelwald, Switzerland (to get me through the winter months). I did work (legally) four months at a photo shop (Photo Suisse) in town. Of the fifteen thousand miles (with that large margin of error), I extensively covered England, Scotland, Wales, both Irelands, along with Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, a lot of Norway, and a sliver of Finland (Lapland). I went as far north on the Continent as I could by bicycle (Nordkapp... North Cape). There were a couple other small countries that I passed through, such as, I think, Luxemborg... I'd have to dig into my archives to replace those lost memories. Anway, here is a superficially made site...

A wooded route, England
Nottingham Castle, England
A field, England
Group of chickens, England
A ram, England
The new boots broke me in...
A harbor in northeast England
London, England
Eastern end of Switzerland
The grave of the Lizard King, Jim Morrison (Paris, FRA)
View from Narvik, Norway
A wind configured tree, County Clare, Ireland
My sister on the coast of No. Ireland, near the Giant's Causeway
The Giant's Causeway, No. Ireland
A morning 'wink', Belfast, No. Ireland
Northern England
A castle in Scotland
Highland Cattle, Scotland
A small island off the west coast of Scotland
A road-side piper, Scotland
A sunset, Gridelwald, Switzerland
This may have been my first Lindt Lindor Bar, the World's finest chocolate--not the exported type
Terry Carr, moi, Karen Theisen, in Grindelwald, Switzerland
Grindelwald, Switzerland
A rainbow, Grindelwald, Switzerland
Looking up to the Wetterhorn, Grindelwald, Switzerland
Above Grindelwald, Switzerland
Looking toward Murren, across the Lauterbrunnen Valley, Switzerland
Grindelwald Valley, Switzerland
Sheep, Grindelwald, Switzerland
Spring thaw, Switzerland
Cows in Denmark
A day's ride north of Oslo, Norway
A roadside rest stop, Norway
Northern-most town in Norway (Honningsvog, or something like that)
Moi, at the 'North Cape', Norway (N.71d 10' 21")
Frank Wessel at the 'same spot'
Drying fish, northern Norway
Outer Isles, Scotland
Tobermory, Mull, Scotland
Sunset off the West Coast of Scotland
Stone Circle, Outer Isles, Scotland
Herding sheep, north-western tip of Scotland